IMPORTANT: TVA no longer promotes Vegetarianism, Animal Welfare and Single Issue campaigns like Ban on Fur, Humane meat nonsense, Cage Free nonsense. Click here to know why. TVA believes that Veganism is not just a matter of reducing suffering; it’s a matter of fundamental moral justice. It is what we owe to those who, like us, value their lives and who want to continue to live.

TVA Vegan Outreach Program 2016

TVA's vegan outreach program is aimed at educating the public on Veganism and the importance of nonviolence. During the program TVA also educates the public on rabies and other diseases related to companion animals. TVA has translated and dubbed the documentary EARTHLING in Tibetan which is also screened during the presentation.

TVA promotes Veganism and Animal Rights during Nyingma Monlam 2016

The 10 Day Great Nyingma Monlam started on Jan 10th at Bodh Gaya. TVA put up a stall near the Main Boudh Temple during the 10 day buddhist congregation to educate the devotees on veganism and animal rights. TVA also took time to give medical care to sick and injured animals around the temple. 

VIDEO: Chris Hedges Explores Veganism as a Moral Choice With Activist Gary Francione

In an interview with Gary Francione on TeleSUR, “Days of Revolt” host Chris Hedges and the longtime animal rights activist discuss the impact of the animal agriculture industry on the ecosystem, the issues critics use to challenge veganism and whether being a vegan can be described as a moral choice.

TVA Promotes Veganism during Dalai Lama Teachings in South India

Tibetan Volunteers for Animals put up a stall at the venue of Dalai Lama's teachings in Bylakuppe (South India) to educate and promote Veganism and Non Violence to the devotees.

Anti-Rabies Vaccination Camp, Bylakuppe 2014

TVA organized Free Anti Rabies Vaccination and public education program in Bylakuppe on September 28th 2014. The program was well received by the locals and many turned up for vaccinations as well as consultation. 

TVA's Vegan Campaign at Kalachakra 2014 Leh Ladakh

As always, TVA made sure its Vegan message heard during the 2014 Kalachakra in Leh Ladakh. Kalachakra is the biggest Buddhist event where thousands of Buddhists around the world attend the teachings and initiations.

TVA opens We CARE Animal Rescue Clinic

The Chairman of Bylakuppe Lugsam Tibetan Settlement Mr. Karma Damdul inaugurates TVA's 'We CARE' Animal Rescue Clinic. The Primary objective of the clinic is to rescue sick and injured free living animals (like Stray dogs and cats) and also to serve as a base for TVA's Animal Birth Control and Rescue works in the nearby Tibetan Settlements like Hunsur, Chowkur, Kollegal and Mundgod. 

TVA's Meeting and appointment of New Director

After the resignation of Monlam Lobsang from TVA's Director post, Rinchen Lhaze has been elected the new Director of TVA unanimously by TVA's Board of Directors. Mr. Monlam joined TVA in 2005 as a volunteer and coordinator. Later in 2007, was appointed the (Managing) Director of TVA 

Fun time for Volunteers - Kalachakra 2012

All work no play makes Jack a dull boy. Volunteering with TVA is not only for a good cause but our volunteers have the best times. Here is a glimpse of what we mean..  :)  

TVA and Help Animals India's Animal Rights Campaign at the 2012 Kalachakra

Bodh Gaya, Bihar, INDIA: Photos of TVA and Help Animals India's Animal Rights campaign during the 2012 Kalachakra, the biggest Buddhist Religious Ceremony attended by over 200,000 devotees. TVA also opened a Vegan Restaurant during the event.