IMPORTANT: TVA no longer promotes Vegetarianism, Animal Welfare and Single Issue campaigns like Ban on Fur, Humane meat nonsense, Cage Free nonsense. Click here to know why. TVA believes that Veganism is not just a matter of reducing suffering; it’s a matter of fundamental moral justice. It is what we owe to those who, like us, value their lives and who want to continue to live.

Merry Christmas

xmas-greetings.jpgOn behalf of all the sentient beings who desire to live, TVA wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas. May all the sentient beings be free from suffering and pain. May all sentient beings be free and at peace.

Go Vegan this Kalachakra

Kalachakra is a buddhist ceremony dedicated to world peace and harmony. If you really care about Non Violence and peace there is no way you can participate and contribute towards the unimaginable suffering and death inflicted upon other fellow beings. TVA urges everyone to go Vegan.

ABC Mundgod 2011 - Phase TWO: Spay, Neuter, Rescue

TVA wraps up its one and a half month long Animal Birth/Disease control program in Mundgod Tibetan Settlement. A Total of 874 dogs were spayed nd neutered and many more vaccinated, rescued and treated. Heartfelt thanks to our long time supporters/donors Mrs. Eileen Weintraub (Help Animals India) and Ama Sandra.

TVA NY's table at Kalachakra 2011 in Washington DC

TVA NY's little booth at the Kalachakra 2011 in Washington DC.

ABC Mundgod 2011 - PHASE ONE: Education & Awareness

July 12, 2011: TVA kicks off its first phase of Animal Birth Control Program in Mundgod: Education & Awareness. Phase 2 would include mass sterilization and anti-rabies vaccinations. The education program was very well received by the local people and received support from different authorities of different offices and organizations operating in Mundgod.

TVA New York proudly sponsors Vegetarian Dinner during TENSHUG to Dalai Lama

TVA New York proudly sponsored the Vegetarian dinner  during TENSHUG to His Holiness the Dalai Lama organized by the Tibetan Community of New York and New Jersey. During the event, 250 DVDs of EATING PLUS[promotion of vegetariansim] was distributed for free with a printed pamphlet of TEN SIMPLE REASONS TO GO VEGETARIAN. Also there was a Petition Form taking signatures for pledges to take part in the meatless losar and also to consume less meat from Losar.

TVA T-Shirts - 100% Organic

TVA Tshirt on shelf now.. :-)   Show your support!! 

"I Think" Womens T-Shirt. Available in small, Medium and Large Color: White

TVA T-Shirts - 100% Organic

TVA Tshirt on shelf now.. :-)   Show your support!! 

"I Think" Womens T-Shirt. Available in small, Medium and Large Color: White

TVA organizes its first Animal Birth Control Program

sera-program001.jpgTVA organized its first Animal Birth Control Program at Sera Monastery (South India) in partnership with Australian based International organization Vets beyond Borders, Brigitte Bardot Foundation (France) and Sermey Social Service.(March 28 to April 12, 2009)

The first ever MEATLESS LOSAR in New York

TVA NewYork prepared food for the Losar event organized by Tibetan Community of New York and NewJersy. 'TEN SIMPLE REASONS TO GO VEGETARIAN'leaflets were also distributed.